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 Welcome to Ashcraft Kennels    662-560-5152  before 10 p.m.                                                            


My kennel name is Ashcraft Kennels and my name is Theresa Ashcraft.   I am located just outside Senatobia, Ms. off interstate I- 55 south.     

I raise my favorite breeds of dogs --Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Maltese, toy  Poodles, and Miniature Pinschers.  I SPECIALIZE IN  TINY SIZE PUPPIES.   ---- I have been raising puppies since 1996. 

I AM NOT A PET SHOP OR  A RETAIL STORE.  I am a private individual , with years of experience as a professional breeder, raising puppies that I sell from A HOME OPERATED BUSINESS.  

Mississippi State law requires everyone --no exceptions-( individuals with a pet litter, backyard breeders, hobby breeders, commercial breeders, or what ever you call yourself ) that raises more than 1 litter of puppies or kittens in a 2 year period to obtain a sales tax number, which is a business license.  

I do have a state sales tax number, which makes this a licensed business and I will charge you sales tax.   Sales taxes and business income taxes are paid as required by law on my sales,  which requires I have a kennel name for tax records.   Ashcraft Kennels is that name.   I also have a permit from my county for this kennel .


I personally raise all my babies myself.     I have a building next to my house especially for them.   

I don't have 8 to 5 hours like most people.   My work is 7 days per week, 24 hours per day, night and day, each and every day without days off.    Some days I am able to see customers in the afternoons, others I am not.  I won't know until you call what my schedule  looks like.   If you get my answering machine,  be sure to leave a message as I return all calls as soon as possible. 

CALL THE DAY BEFORE YOU WISH TO COME, SO THAT I CAN ARRANGE A TIME THE FOLLOWING DAY TO SEE YOU .   I do not see customers on the same day you call me . 


As a professional  breeder  I spend many hours consulting breeding records to be sure what are the best parents to pair together to make each puppy in regard to past litters, physical characteristics, disposition, size, etc.  

My adult dogs and babies are handled daily.   The adult dogs are my pets as well as my breed dogs, all have names and unique personalities.   I play with the puppies daily to make sure they are social, active, playful puppies before coming to you.   When I say they can't go until socially ready, that is what I am talking about.  I want the puppy to be ready to play with your family.


This is a photo of the front door.  

I work hard to be sure the puppy is the first priority so that you go home with a healthy puppy and have a smooth transition to the new home.  Puppies are never weened until at least 6 wk. old and never sold until 8 wk. old or older,  with weight requirement of 1 & 1/2 lbs. to be able to go.   

All pups receive medication for prevention of  internal parasites, receive shots current to sale date, and you will receive a detailed  health record with  labels on record.    

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