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CUSTOMER REVIEWS -- WELCOME - Let others know about your purchase experience with me and updates on your new puppy in the future NOTE -- If you have questions about puppies, please email me directly at or call 662-560-5152

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Reply Meleney Davenport
7:41 PM on January 13, 2020 
We got our tiny teacup chihuahua (Millie) from Ms. Teresa almost two weeks ago and we are absolutely in love with her! Ms. Teresa was so sweet and so informative on everything and I would highly recommend her to anyone!!
Reply ashcraftkennels
11:48 PM on January 3, 2020 
I apologize for the advertisements that come from hackers advertising others business or products that pops up here daily -to block them I would have to make the review page private and that is harder for my customers to post their reviews - I am leaving the setting public and I try to check and delete each night those hacked ads -They have been very active lately - If you see one, please ignore
Reply Keith Gray
4:31 PM on December 26, 2019 
Purchased fawn chihuahua couple weeks ago, we named her Bella she has been a blessing to our household, Ms Theresa was very helpful and Bella is in perfect health, would highly recommend getting a puppy from her!
10:02 AM on November 9, 2019 
I got a Toy Chihuahua from Mrs. Teresa a little over a year ago and I'm so happy Romeo is a real Mommies Boy Thank U so much for our New addition to our Family
Reply Bobbie Kay Waddell
9:02 PM on November 8, 2019 
We got our female Maltese on October 30, 2019. We are so in love with her. She is so healthy, smart, and adorable. This is our third Maltese. This is an amazing breed, Teresa was so helpful and so informative. She was up front and honest about everything. Her prices are great and she absolutely loves her dogs and puts what is best for the puppies ahead of just trying to make money. From the day we brought her home she has been eating and drinking and has not cried once for her Mom. She sleeps good and eats good because Teresa keeps her puppies until they are ready and old enough. If you have any questions about this breeder or the quality of her dogs feel free to contact me. We are It?s than satisfied and pleased with our Maltese puppy!!!
Reply Mary Johnson
9:30 PM on September 29, 2019 
We got our Min Pin 9/25/19. He has only been with us a couple days and he has completely stolen our hearts. Ms. Thersa is very nice, professional and informative. You can see cares for her animals. I would definitely refer her to anyone who is looking for a fur baby to add to their family.
Reply Prince Noel Martin
5:52 PM on March 12, 2019 
My husband bought our toy poodle from Theresa in November 2018 as an early Christmas gift for me. She shared with us that he was born on Christmas (2017). I was excited when I first laid eyes on him. He then became Prince Noel Martin. Once he got home with his new brothers, Ghost (Pit bull) & Branson (Maine Coon), they welcomed him home. He has traveled with us on several trips (he loves to travel & ride). Plus he loves his squeaky toys and running & playing with his brothers through the house. He may be the smallest & the youngest but he runs the house. Prince Noel has so much energy that we just sit & watch him/them. They are very entertaining. Thanks so much for our new baby. He loves us & we love him!!
Reply Candace
5:46 AM on December 30, 2018 

we just bought our third miniature pinscher from Theresa, and obviously couldnt be happier:D All very healthy, happy, energetic, and full of personality!Our first, Arwin, a black and rust, is three years old now, and a major kisser and she loves her hedgehog toy and brings it to bed every night. Jedi, a red male, is a "talker", he whines in varying tones, just like hes having a conversation, so funny. Our newest addition, Teyla, a choclate and rust female, is a sooo full of energy! If the other two dont want to tussle with her, she will play with a toy by herself, throwing it high up in the air, and leaping to catch it.Just love our babies, so much, thx Theresa!

Reply Sheila hamblin
12:03 AM on July 19, 2018 
I have had my Chester for two years. He is still a cuddler. So playful and a good watching dog. He lets me know when someone comes around. He's a really sweet boy. I still miss my cocoa dog but Chester has been able to ease that. He's doing well. Thanks so much for my baby boy.
Reply Garry G.
11:52 AM on December 14, 2017 

A little late posting this review, but I always wait awhile to post in case of any situation.

I purchased/adopted out Tea Cup Chihuahua (Freddie) on the 24th of October 2017.  He is extremely healthy, full of energy, and everthing one would expect from a Chihuahua. 

Even though I have owned dogs all my life, and at one time showed them I still learned allot from Theresa both before we adopted Freddie, and after we got him home.  Theresa is extremely knowledgable when it comes to the Chihuahua breed. She called more than once to insure that everything was going well, and how Freddie was doing in his new home. We had a couple of questions and her advise was excellent.

If you are looking for a Tea Cup Chihuahua and have other dogs or small children please do yourself a favor and get a Toy size.  The Tea Cups are very small and could get hurt easily around children.  This advise comes from Theresa and should be taken into consideration.

I highly recommend Ashcraft Kennels if you want a healthy, properly bread puppy.  If you call Theresa in advance and have questiions, I am sure she would be more than  happy to answer them.

Reply Timmymuh
11:13 PM on November 16, 2017 
Reply Freda Rountree
4:16 PM on October 14, 2017 

It has been just over 3 weeks since I we met Teresa and brought home our precious Maltese, BamBam.   We have two older Maltese, Barney and Betty that we rescued.   This little boy has brought us so much joy and laughter already.   The vet gave hime an all clear and loved that he was so cuddly.   We love that too.   Everytime you pick him up he snuggles against you and is so sweet.  All of the babies get along really well.   Barney is older and doesn't play so much, but BamBam and Betty play so hard.   I have to seperate them so they will rest.   I have wanted a baby for so long and I am so glad I found Teresa.   BamBam is everything we wanted and more.   They are all three the apple of our eyes and we wonder how we never had a white fuzzy dog sooner.   Thank you, Teresa for a healthy, beautiful baby.   We love him so much.   I will recommend you as a breeder any time I have the chance.   

Reply Nitkitia Woods
11:56 AM on October 12, 2017 
I purchased a Mini Pin mixed male from Mrs. Ashcraft a few days ago and it was a pleasure to business with her a smooth transaction a very sweet woman i always say knowledge is a powerful tool u learn something new every day Thank You so very much Mrs. Ashcraft for taking the time to inform me on Rocky he is a running around like he's been here before and loves being in my lap I'm very grateful
Reply Tiffany Underwood
3:01 PM on July 30, 2017 
I purchased a one year old chihuahua from Mrs Ashcraft on July 14, 2017. The whole process was wonderful! I drove two hours to get him and she gave me great directions right to her door. She let me take my time when picking a puppy and was patient with my children. She provided me with detailed information on my puppy about his health and training. Our little guy Benny is a great dog. He's healthy and happy. He was scared to death for about a week, but he came around and is now very attached to me. He's so loving and protective. The whole process was excellent. I already want to go back and get Benny a buddy to play with!
Reply ruby dorsey
2:01 PM on July 5, 2017 
Iam looking for a small black or black and white Maltese small breed.
Reply ashcraftkennels
12:18 AM on April 20, 2017 
posting review for customer that called last night and does not use computer --- Keith came couple weeks ago to get Chihuahua for wife that has severe asthma, constantly in hospital, on a lot of medications -- he told me at time they had a very old Chihuahua that recently died and that dog had done wonders for wife with taking asthma away and wanted another to see if it would help her (yes this is something I have heard from many customers and have seen for myself that it works ) He came 2 wk ago and got her a fawn about 6 mo old female that he said looked a lot like their deceased little pet ----He called last night to tell me an update--- wife had recent doctor check up and has been taken off 1 of the steroids already and I think he said an inhaler, due to the relief she is getting from the little Chihuahua --- very pleased and wanted to let me know that it works ----just thought some other customers that don't know this about Chihuahuas might benefit from his review ----good luck Keith and like I told you, have the wife write a review herself when she is up to it and give me an update ----Theresa Ashcraft
Reply Anden
11:24 PM on March 16, 2017 

Hi Theresa. I got a toy poodle from you in July 2016. Jasper is doing fantastic. Loves to run, play fetch, walking, cuddle, and love on his momma. He is the joy of my life. Recently I got a yorkie. Her name is Bella. She is adjusting just fine. She loves to be held. She also loves that chew toy you gave us. She is a princess indeed loves to take selfies. Thank you for my best friends, my babies, my family. 

Reply Carrie Minehart Gurley
5:47 AM on March 15, 2017 
I got my angel for life from Ashcraft kennels back in 2005. She is a Maltese, white with black points. I named her Giget. Her mom was Piper. I have never had such a wonderful dog and couldn't imagine getting her from any other breeder! Giget still has her first blanket she came home with and will not let it go. She takes it everywhere! Since I brought her home I have had to get a service dog and thought there would be a problem because she is so tiny. No problem at all for this little 4 pounder. They are awesome together and often "cuddle". I don't think I will ever buy from another breeder!! Thank y'all so much for my special angel! ������
Reply Ken Moseley
4:35 PM on March 8, 2017 

We purchased our female Maltese (Lily) from Theresa Ashcraft in Feb 2017.  I cannot said enough about how happy we are with our little girl.  She is in perfect health and our vet was impressed with her physical condition. When you purchase a puppy from Theresa please listen carefully to her as she is very protective of her puppies. She only has your puppy's best interest at heart. I highly recommend you consider purchaseing your puppy from her. Call me at 601 260-8275 if you have any questions.

Reply Kim Villasenor
9:16 AM on March 8, 2017 
We got our puppy, a miniature pincher, in January. We named him Doby. He is the perfect match for my family. He has enough energy to play with our children. He was healthy when we got him and is so smart. We love him to pieces. Thank you for helping us choose the right puppy for our family!
Reply Mallory
11:06 AM on January 26, 2017 
I couldn't be more delighted to have Chico! He is everything I want in a pup. Sweet, loving, and adorable. He took to his leash and harness naturally and quickly. He is definitely a cuddle bug and sleeps curled up to me at night. I truly couldn't ask for a better companion to keep me company. Thank you, Mrs. Ashcraft for being so professional & putting 100% into each animal. This is truly a kennel to trust. God bless!
Reply sheila
9:54 PM on January 20, 2017 
I've had Chester about 6 mths. Sweet, loving, smart. He's pretty quiet. Especially since he's a chihuahua.except for paper, he doesn't tear anything up. Loves his toys. Too affection to the cat and eats bananas. I am so glad I have this boy. Thanks Theresa.
Reply Mona
7:54 PM on January 10, 2017 

Emma is almost five and a half months old now. You had two puppies but one was sold so I received Emma. Her father is Grandaddy and mother is Sally Belle. Emma is 6.1 lbs. now, was easy to potty train( I used you idea), full of energy, rarely barks, loves to give kisses, and is a joy. She still wants to greet and play with mouthing therefore we are still working on that. She is loved by her groomer  in town and just wants to give kisses to everyone. I am having her spayed this Friday. She is a delightful companion and my little love bug. Thank you for all of your help the day I purchased her. I will keep you updated.

Reply Alex I
12:36 PM on December 20, 2016 
I purchased a female minpin from Ashcraft kennels yesterday and she had a top notch operation. She keeps meticulous record on all her puppies and provides great looking puppies. She has a solid operating structure that places the puppies needs and safety first before a sale. She knows what she is doing and takes pride in her business and the quality of puppies she breeds. I drove almost four hours and can honestly say that it was worth it and would recommend her to any minpin lover. Thank you Ashcraft kennels for this early Christmas present.
Reply Christina Robinson
4:49 PM on December 14, 2016 

I bought a male min pin (Yoda) about 3 weeks ago, he is such a character and it shows that he was raised with love. He is definitely smart and loves to hop around on his back legs like he's dancing aroung the island in the kitchen. Very loving and is already pad trained. Vet checked and said that it showed how much the breeder takes pride in her pups. The purchase was made very personal, you are given all the information you will need on your pup and more. He has already taken over over home and hearts.

Reply Candace Bouchard
6:15 AM on December 12, 2016 
Hello, Theresa, Jedi our little red min pin that we purchased from you the day after haloween, is our second puppy to buy from you. He is doing great, healthy and growing like a weed. Arwin , our first pup(now one year)loves him and they play constantly. Started potty training him outside right off the bat and he already uses the doggy door to go out on his own...who said min pins are hard to housebreak? Not that ive seen! Both dogs are super smart and quick to husband and I adore both dogs, and cant imagine life with out their silly antics and HUGE much fun to own! Thanks for breeding dogs with such super temperments!
Reply Mona Ballard
3:28 PM on October 8, 2016 
Emma's passed with flying colors in regards to her check up this morning at the vets office. She is so sweet and playful and everything I wanted. I look forward to many happy years with her!
Reply sheila
2:45 PM on August 30, 2016 
Just got Chester chihuahua Friday. Today is Tuesday. He's bouncing off the walls playing. Sweet personality. Funny. A joy. You can tell he has been cuddled and handled. Shy around me at first, which is to be expected but not afraid in general. Theresa is very conscious of keeping her babies well cared for. And happy. I am very happy with my boy.
Reply Cindy
5:46 PM on July 30, 2016 

Hello Mrs. Ashcraft:  We purchased a red toy poodle puppy, Monday July 25, 2016.  I just like to say Mrs. Ashcraft was very informative about the care of our sweet Mae. We took her to the vet after leaving the kennel with her.  Our vet said she was perfect! I have never had a pet, but the minute I held Mae in my arms like a baby I was in love!  I cannot imagine not having Mae with us.  She is a joy and keeps us laughing with all her antics.  I would highly recommend Ashcraft Kennels if you are looking for a puppy. 

Reply Doris Dickenson
10:11 PM on July 19, 2016 

Hi, Theresa.  Just wanted you to know that our little Maltese puppy, Wally, (we picked up on June 22nd) is doing great and is such a joy.  He received an A+ from the vet for his first visit and the same for his visit to receive his shots. He weighed 4.5 lbs on 7/12/2016.  He is very active, playful,wants to see into everything--bathtub, dishwasher, etc., and affectionate.  He sleeps in his crate (with the door open) at night, and if he wakes up before us, he plays quietly with his toys until we ge up.

I was using your method of house training, but as I have some back problems, picking up and putting him down that much was rough.  I substiuted taking him into our small bathroom and closing the door.  He was doing fairly well, but I noticed if I didn't catch him when he did his syinky business, he always did it in the same place in the dining room.  I placed our other training tray there.  It has astroturf instead of paper pads.  He immediately took to it and always does his business there, plus he started using it for potty also.  He was 3 months old on 7/13 and I cannot believe he is house broken! 

One other thing--he does not like to go outside--possibly because of his extra thick hair but that is OK with us. :)

Thank you so much for all the care and effort you put into breeding the puppies and doing the best for their health.  Thank you also for the time you and information you gave us.  The vet also appreciated your detailed records.

Reply Kelsey
5:20 PM on May 12, 2016 

Hello Mrs Ashcraft! I'm the one who got that sweet little black toy poodle with the slanted eye. I've since named her Phoebe and she is honestly the sweetest little thing, and quite intelligent to boot! We took her to get her last shots and a general check up and she is in excellent health. I am very blessed to have her and I thank you so very much for all the information you gave us and being so thorough about her health and well being! I still need to take her to get her first grooming, and she's still quite shy/nervous around other puppies at the moment but we will keep working on socializing her! Phoebe's last weigh in was around 5.9 pounds and I've switched her to Pure Balance Grain Free formula. But ahh I'm going on a bit of a tangent here, I just wanted to say again thank you so much! And if you want me to keep you updated I would be more than happy to! 

Reply Heather
9:22 PM on April 23, 2016 
Hello Theresa, Got my sweet little maltese girl from you last week. We named her Buttercup. Took her to the vet yesterday and had a great checkup! Thank you so much for all the helpful tips and information. I walked out confident about raising my puppy. You were so patient and kind with us and we will definitely keep you updated. Thanks again, Heather & Kevin Browning
Reply Candace
5:51 PM on April 11, 2016 

Hello Theresa,

Just wanted you to know our little min pin girl "Arwin" is doing wonderful! She litterbox trained 100% reliable in just 12 days, and has been very healthy, happy and well adjusted. She is such a joy in my life:)Her quirky antics make me laugh daily, I cant imagine life without her now. Also recieved her registration promptly and was pleasantly surprised to learn they can send a micro chip kit with it...heaven forbid she should ever get lost but it is so wonderful to know she wouldnt stay lost for long. Thanks for all your advice and the thorough paperwork, health records etc.

Reply Andy
9:08 PM on February 16, 2016 

Hey Ms Teresa,

  Wanted to let you know that our little puppy is doing great! My wife named her "Blue" and she is a regular part of the family. I also wanted to thank you on the thorough information on Blue and our Vet said to us that you sounded like a top notch Breeder! We also received our papers on Blue in the mail last week.

Thank You, Andy and Jen

Reply Courtney
8:37 PM on December 6, 2015 
Have a very pleasant visit and got a really sweet adorable puppy
Reply Patricia
9:57 AM on December 5, 2015 

theresa says...



Reply Patricia
1:48 PM on December 4, 2015 

Theresa after  hours of looking at  Beautiful Chihuahua puppies. I had to pick one thank you so much for all your patience and I must say she is the most precious puppy. she's eating playing from the minute she came into the house. you would've think she's lived here for months and she's already using a puppy pad.  I must say she prances like she's million dollar show dog. I'm very grateful to have her. I will keep you updated on her progress thank you so much. Her names is Ruby

Reply Jimma L. Thorne
2:40 AM on June 5, 2015 
Just wanted to let you know that I took Knox that is what I named the baby, to the vet he got a great check up. He is doing great and has been adjusting very well to his new home. Thank you so much.
Reply Annette Veal
5:30 PM on January 22, 2015 

I'm looking for a small male min pin, black and rust color with tail docked.  I love the little min pin  around 4 lbs that you have but was really wanting to go with a puppy 8 weeks old or so.  We lost our min pin back in november due to kidney problems.  He was 8 years old.  Please let me know when you going to have another liter of these puppies.  THANKS

Reply jane pipkin
4:39 PM on January 18, 2015 

enjoy seeing the puppies.  thanks for putting them on here. 

Reply kristal
11:04 PM on December 29, 2014 
I want to thank you for the chihuahua I got. He is amazing. I named him Walker. We are doing good house breaking. Week one and the pad is going pretty good. Thanks so much for all the information uo front.
Reply Allison Hood
11:00 AM on December 15, 2014 
Hi Theresa! Just wanted to let you know that the toy poodle I got last week is doing great! I named him Delta, and he loves his new home. He has already stolen my heart! My parents have visited every day and just love their new grand pup! I took him to the vet Friday just to have a full check up and everything was perfect! Thank you for such great service.
Reply Lynn Holladay
2:29 PM on October 18, 2014 
I am a 56 year old woman who spends most of my day at home (I work from home), with no children or grand children (yet) and unfortunately for me may never have any grandchildren at this rate (lol) . I am looking to buy a maltese or malpoo teacup or toy puppy. I really love the look of the fluffy white malpoo teas Ive checked your website and like what I've read about your care for your babies and your adoption process. Please call me if you think I may make a good parent for a new baby here in my home. 901-428-9259
Reply Trivia
11:51 AM on May 27, 2014 
Hello, Theresa! Just wanted to say Taco is doing fine! I love him so much! The crate training is going fine until he gets all of his shots. Thank you for all of your information and advice! It has helped me a lot! Have a good day!
Reply sharon adair
7:43 PM on May 3, 2014 
last june i purchased the run min pin that you had in the front window... remember i brought my owne min pin and in a small red car..... heart breaking new... my mother fell, and broke neck right after i got Chesare my runt min pin from you and was a delight... i cared for mom until she passed on feb 1. on feb second i put both dogs outside to tinkle and an owl swooped down ant took cheasare.... then today i have to put my 3 year old min pin down... she had gone into kidney failure.. as soon as i save some money.. i will be back to get another min pin.. but i want a female and i dont want her tail cut please....right now its going to take me six months to pay off my vet bill.. i sure miss my min pins... please keep me in mind for a female and i dont want her tail cut.. and could you give me a call in the fall.... thanks so much theresa...... 901 846 3846
Reply Casey billingsley
11:09 PM on April 15, 2014 
We love billy our min pin we got in February he is adorable and loved very much he loves to give kisses and loves to snuggle and is perfectly healthy . He is part of our family we would be lost without him thank you so much
Reply brandie williams
7:08 PM on March 9, 2014 
I recently got a yorkie puppy from here. I love my dog. Waiting for a poodle or another yorkie female this time.
Reply Kenneth Muschiano
7:52 PM on January 8, 2014 
I really love that apricot poodle on the end of your list. We always have had jet black poodles in the past, but this one looks so sweet.
Reply Crystal
11:36 PM on January 7, 2014 
Hi Teresa! I wanted to write you and let you know how our precious Phoebe (our min pin we got from you in November) is adjusting to her new home. She is AMAZING and we already couldn't imagine life without her! She has adjusted VERY well and is even doing good with potty training! She very quickly stole our hearts and she was definitely the missing puzzle piece in our family! This is pretty much her world now and she just allows us to live in it with her, but that's ok because we wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you for this precious little pup! She is such a tremendous blessing to us. The kids were so surprised and they can't seem to get enough of her! :)
Reply Karen Wells
7:36 AM on December 31, 2013 
Blessings, our little Hope Faith Wells was so quite and polite yesterday all the way home and last night. She displayed nothing but manners. She did not eat much or drink last night. I got up about 5:00am and took her into a private area. She drank the sugar water, ate some of her food and used it, liquid and solid. She walked around the house, I put her in the bed, she licked my grand daughters face. She was taken back upstairs to watch tv and rest in her little bed. She will go to the vet today or tomorrow.