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In 1995  I purchased a wonderful little chihuahua , Tinker Bell , for our pet that was the inspiration for this kennel.     

As people constantly inquired about where to purchase a little "Tinker" for their family, I purchased other chihuahuas  that started our breeding program in 1996  and have  generations of their ancestors in our puppies backgrounds.  For about 3 or 4 years I only raised chihuahuas and as customers asked for additional breeds, I bought others that were my favorites and added more breeds.

I must note that our little Tinker Bell passed away in 2005 and I know well the heart ache of loosing your house pet.    I have lost other pets  that were up to 16 yrs old and it is like loosing your child, with a hole so big you never think you will get over it.  It is a deep wound that takes time to heal and while another pet will never take your pets place, a new baby will fill your life with a fresh start as you wrap your heart around another puppy to love.   ( Many customers loose time off work with grief and I get calls often with stories that tear out my heart.) 


I raise MY FAVORITE BREEDS since they are all my pets as well as the breeding adults .    Chihuahuas, Yorkies,  toy and t cup Poodles, Maltese,  Miniature Pinschers and occassionally  Malti Poos.

I have owned up to 5 generations of the ancestors to some of the puppies we offer for sale.   I will gladly tell you about the parents, grandparents, etc. as to color, size, and  characteristics of their litters produced.  However, the mom and dad are not a total indication of what to expect with  the puppy you are here to buy.  

Genetically, just like your child getting genes from more than just you and your husband, puppies draw genes from the 5 generations of ancestors in each parents background that pass genes to the offspring.  ---Grandmother,  granddaddy, great grands, great great grand, etc.-- That is 62 ancestors in the background of the 5 generations, that influence the genes passed down for each puppy born.  This influences the  sex, size, color, hair quality, features, health, ability to breed, etc.  

Each puppy gets different ratios of those genes from these ancestors --30/70 % , 10/90 %, 50/50%, --you don't know unless genetic testing each puppy.

I can discuss the traits from the ancestors that I have owned in the puppies backgrounds with you and answer any questions I might have information about.  

I will not be showing you those parents, grandparents, etc. as that would be unrealistic to expect.   The puppies have been weened for weeks prior to the sale of the puppy and it is cruel to put the mom with her babies constantly just for someones curiosity.   I will not be doing that.   It is stressful for a puppy to change homes and causing it additional stress of being again separated from a mom it has already gotten over being taken from is not necessary.    I also will not stress the adults that are not for sale by putting them on show and tell.    



I don't breed my adults until they are about 18 months old and then breed them only 1 time per year, sometimes less.

You will occasionally see adult dogs here for sale that no long  fit in my breeding program.

I DO NOT INBREED.   I keep enough studs to be assured that the puppies moms and dads are not directly related.  I want to be sure of pairing select mates to make the traits I am wanting as to color, size, hair coat, and matching breed standard.

When I retire an adult dog, I try to keep that bloodline active by keeping a  puppy that I raise so as not to loose the years of ancestors bloodlines.   I sometimes sell those puppies  after selecting the ones that fit in my breeding program and they will be described as such in the list of puppies.  

If you are looking for breed stock, call and I will gladly help you with the backgrounds and what you might need to know to see if I might have an older 2 yr old puppy is what you are looking for. 

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