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Puppies come with registration, supplies, shot record, and health guarantee
                                       SORRY - NO SHIPPING 


Many of you that called  know my 92 yr old father woke paralyzed  5-30-19 .  He had lived with my sister the last few 

years , but she had a stroke 7 days before his hospitalization.    After hospitals and rehab he 

is now living with me with many doctor appointments  each month - he is better and now on a walker,  but I am 

currently not opening my office as he requires someone be with him at all times. 

If there is a puppy you see in the list that you want to purchase, I will be glad to meet you at the interstate

My puppies do need a home and I will work with you best I can, but need advance notice to allow someone 

to sit with daddy.  Thankfully my husband retired in Jan. and is here to help me. 

Please  feel free to call me with any questions you might have and I will be more than glad to discuss each puppy. 

I  have not taken recent photos, but  as time allows will try to take some and post .  

This year has reminded me God does not promise anyone a tomorrow and to take time to  make memories each day, 

as life can change in a heart beat.  Live as if today is your last , laugh often, and love with all your heart. 

Thank you for your business and I wish each of you a very happy holiday -- Theresa Ashcraft 



FEMALE - tiny tiny little girl - very small - BLACK - born 8/2/19 short hair, apple head, ears up - expect to mature under  5 lb - delicate and too small for children - absolutely can't be with preschool kids -- SHE WOULD NOT SURVIVE  -- photo will be taken soon $642

- toy size , ICE WHITE - born 7/18/19-- short hair, nice head, ears up,  - expect small toy around 6 lb with slender build when grown  -   - when taken photo will be posted $535 

FEMALE - TCUP SIZE -born 7-7-19  - fawn all over, short legs, slender frame, ear up, expect to mature 4 to 5 lb when grown or less --NOT FOR KIDS HOME - when taken will post photo  $642

FEMALE (Long hair ) born 7-18-19 -- ICE WHITE - small TOY -- expect to mature 5 to 8 lb grown -- very sweet little girl and active--when taken will post  photo- $589.

FEMALE -(long hair --TINY ) born 7-18-19---ICE WHITE WITH BLACK SPOTS-- apple head, small frame, very slim and tiny build -- expect to mature under 5 lb when grown -- too small for kids - 11/10 is just now ready to go home -will post photo when taken  - $642

MALE - born 3-10-19---black and tan with white markings  that photo on blanket was taken around 13 wk old and he is now 6 mo old and of course larger, but still small toy chihuahua -$267-price reduced -- photo below 


new litter born 11-09 will be 

ready to go after 

Christmas -- keep check here for 

updates when ready to go --1 

Blue female and 1 choc male -- 

price will be $482 ---



MALE - POODLE - born 6-1-19- WHITE parent 4 to 5 lb size -this is a very small toy / border line t cup due to body size - slender frame, small little head and body  -- would be ok for children that are older, but not young children due to body size - got first hair cut 11/10 into real looking poodle now -- he is sweet and loving and ready to go finally -when taken will post photo --  $802


MALE - $856

born 6-22-19 -- LAST ONE IN LITTER --very very small little bones and body --thin and frail with baby face, white hair, with dark black points  

due to small little bodies are just now ready   - vet check fine - 11/10 he weighs 3 lb --  
MALE - born 9-1-19 -- toy size , expect to mature 6 to 8 lb  - sweet, short face, thick fluffy hair with black points   -- will post photo when taken 

IN MEMORY OF MY LITTLE BABY GINGER -- died in my arms from heart attack this morning 10/04/19 at 13 yr old -- was active until the end and the pet love of my life -- my shadow, slept with me , ate with me , in my lap 24 / 7 --having a hard time with her loss and will take awhile to recover as those of you that have lost a baby dog know all too well what I am going through -I've cried constantly all day and when I get control of myself, it starts all over again-- very very hard day today - she is the photo in our paper ads and everyone that ever saw her loved her -- rest in peace tonight my baby --- my  heart is aching for you --

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