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Puppies come with registration, supplies, shot record, and health guarantee
                                       SORRY - NO SHIPPING 


FEMALE - TOY SIZE -born 7-26-19 --- WHITE WITH BLUE SPOTS - toy size - rough/soft coat, expect to mature 6 to 8 lb when grown -no photo - $535

FEMALE - TCUP SIZE - born 7-7-19 and just now ready to go due to tiny size -- fawn all over, short legs, slender frame, ear up, expect to mature 4 to 5 lb when grown or less -weight 10-17-19 is 2 & 1/2 lb --VERY TINY AND FRAIL AND NOT FOR KIDS HOME -no photo -$749

FEMALE (Long hair ) born 7-18-19 -- ICE WHITE - small TOY -- expect to mature 5 to 8 lb grown -- very sweet little girl and active--no photo- $535 

FEMALE -(long hair --TINY ) born 7-18-19---ICE WHITE WITH BLACK SPOTS-- apple head, small frame, very slim and tiny build -- expect to mature under 5 lb when grown -- too small for kids --no photo - $642
MALE - born 3-10-19 same puppy on blanket and desk --black and tan with white markings - that photo was taken around 13 wk old and he is now 6 mo old and of course larger, but still small toy chihuahua --  $375. or if you don't want papers
& without warranty -will take $100 off & would be $267- photo below 

FEMALE - born 3-10-19- below -white with black spots -- has cute screw tail curls over back -photo below -$482 


FEMALE -born 4-11-10--  
* chocolate and rust-- $482 including tax 

with green / light chocolate colored people colored eyes  -- tail docked, ears are standing naturally - due to family illness this summer was not seeing customers and she just got older-- good age for child pet , expect to mature 8 to 12 lb, with slender build body ---these photos were taken around 12 wk old ---EARS now stand up and slender head //// mother is blue and dad is chocolate 



 POODLE - born 6-1-19-- $800 + tax = $856 
*  MALE - cream color and expect to turn white like mom and dad -- parents 4 to 5 lb size 
VERY TINY small / tiny size, with slender frame, small little heads and bodies  --NOTE THESE ARE JUST NOW READY TO GO AT 16 WK OLD, DUE TO SIZE --these are way too small for home with young children --has 2 shots and ready to go  -- photo coming soon   



born 6-22-19 -- very very small little bones and bodies -- 
10-01-19 just now ready @ 15 wk old , due to small little bodies had to hold off starting shots until weighed enough -- now has 2 shots, current weight today is 2 to 2 & 1/2 lb - vet check up today and ready to go 

* male - $856  including tax 
* female - $856 including tax
photo coming soon 

 IN MEMORY OF MY LITTLE BABY GINGER -- died in my arms from heart attack this morning 10/04/19 at 13 yr old -- was active until the end and the pet love of my life -- my shadow, slept with me , ate with me , in my lap 24 / 7 --having a hard time with her loss and will take awhile to recover as those of you that have lost a baby dog know all too well what I am going through -I've cried constantly all day and when I get control of myself, it starts all over again-- very very hard day today - she is the photo in our paper ads and everyone that ever saw her loved her -- rest in peace tonight my baby --- my arms are empty and heart aching for you --

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